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Chapter 2: The Unwanted Present by Maxwell-Kyaren Chapter 2: The Unwanted Present :iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Ch. 27 The Eye of the Storm
"Zomus!" Max spat as Zomus continued to walk through his army. He stopped and lazily glanced over his shoulder.
"Hmm?" He asked.
"Why not fight tonight? You scarred?" Max taunted as he lifted Nova out of the ground.
"Eh, I don't want to slaughter tonight." Zomus replied and continued to walk back towards the cave.
"I bet it's because you're a coward!" Max shouted.
"Actually, it's because your tactics are terrible, and I don't feel like finishing all right now." Zomus yawned. Max tightened the grip on Nova, and the blade started to flash a bright white color.
"Max, don't." Jessie whispered.
"I can end it right now." Max muttered back.
"I doubt it. Save your energy." Jessie growled. Max stopped charging the attack and drove Nova back into the ground.
"I want you to bring your all tomorrow; I don't want an easy win!" Max taunted. Zomus chuckled and threw his hand up into the air.
"I hope you sleep easy tonight Max." Zomus replied and disappeared into the shadows. Max crossed his arms as h
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 1 0
Ch. 26 Rolling Thunder
Max stood up, and brushed the dirt off of his trousers. They had been sitting out in the sun for the last two hours as the Dragon and her Dragoon slowly chipped away at the cave. He twisted his gloves; making sure they kept a nice fit. He began to pace around before he sat down again.
"Can't seem to relax?" Jessie asked.
"I just hate sitting around doing nothing." Max answered as he stood up again.
"If you twist those gloves again, I'm going to tackle you." Jessie joked. Max rolled his eyes and unsheathed Nova.
"Do you think you two can stop and let us in the battle?" Max inquired. The Dragon stopped, but the Dragoon continued to chip away at the wall.
As I respect your decision, "General", wouldn't that ruin our element of surprise? The Dragon hummed.
"It could, but I just can't sit here and do nothing." Max growled.
I wouldn't use such a harsh tone child; I could swallow you and your friends if I wanted to. The Dragon hissed.
"And where would that lead you? To death
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Lentils of The Year by Maxwell-Kyaren Lentils of The Year :iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 1 0
My favorite DeviantART memory
My favorite DeviantART memory is finding out that my artistic abilities aren't with the pencil and paper... But with a pen and paper. OR... For today's day of age, the keyboard and a blank slate. Finding out that my imagination can't be contained in a single piece of artwork, it has to expand and grow through a series of chapters, starting off small, building the characters, introducing the world before all the major, awe inspiring, jaw dropping, events occur. It's like a child. You teach him/her their name and the world around them, getting into the fine detail of things, then as they start to grow you expand more, they get friends, they start school, they either become bullies or are bullied (or some in between world). After those events, the story continues to grow and gets a mind of it's self, bullies are no longer a problem, but finding where it sits among its peers becomes the problem. Finding someone to love, finding true friends, and so on. Then it grows to the penultimate stag
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 3
Lorkhart Chapter 1 BETA
In the distance a young boy saw the dog that had attempted to attack his home. He lifted the wooden sword his dad created and pointed it at the dog.
"Oi, get outta here you Demon!" the young boy shouted. The dog angled its hear and beared its teeth and began to run towards the boy. The young boy shook his head and ran towards the dog, the dog stopped and growled at the boy.
"I'm not scared of you!" the young boy bellowed as he got closer, and once he was within range he hit the dog on the head with the wooden sword. The dogs tail instantly went between its legs and it sprinted off whimpering. The boy slung the weapon on his shoulder and puffed his chest out.
"You better not come back Demon, for I'm the champion of Ra!" the boy called out. He smiled at the thought and scanned his yard looking for any other Demons attempting to attack his home.
"Travis?" a woman asked as she approached the yard. The young boy looked over at her, and dropped the wooden sword. He saw that she was carrying
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Lorchart Prologue BETA*
"In the beginning there was nothing but a bare wasteland. No trees, no grass, not even water, but one day the Lord of Life appeared... He is called Ra today. Ra descended down upon the planet and the first thing he did was create water. Once water was created, the heat of the planet evaporated the water and thus weather was created. Soon afterwards Ra planted the seeds of life, grass started to grow, trees grew, animals were born, and humans were brought to life. Upon creating this utopia Ra ascended back into the heavens to watch over his garden of life... However the garden of life was attacked by the Lord of the Underworld... Anubis. Ra saw this and banished the demons that had began to plague the land, and waged war with Anubis. During this time the Lord of the Weather, Thor, was born. Thor summoned lightning to light the humans world at night, and to also aid Ra in his war. The lightning had accidentally struck dry grass and fire was born. The humans cherished the fire, warmth and
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Ch. 25 Pelting Rain
Max looked back into the tent that Jessie was lying and frowned.
"I think we'll wait for our new plan until she's good to go." Max said, and walked away. Hazel raised her hand, but Colton gently grabbed it.
"Let him go." he said. Hazel nodded slowly, and watched Max fade deeper into the medic tents. Max left the tents, and walked to the tent that was claimed to be his. He walked inside, and took off his armor, and looked at the wounds on his back. He saw some blood slowly drip out of the sutures, but that eventually stopped. Max shook his head and tossed Nova onto his bed and put his head into his hands.
What have I done? Max thought to himself. He looked up and saw more bodies being taken out of the cave. Max wiped his eyes with a shirt, and looked at his own hands. They were a strange color; a mix of brown, red, and green. He had watched the death of the school's favorite quarterback, he watched friends of his die, and he watched others suffer, he fought his best friend, and
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Dark Apocalypse: Prologue
      In the year 2222, the planet Earth is inhabited by more than just humans; they share it with the Varan race, the Jumal race, the Anthro race, and more. There are two kind of Varan on Earth, the Alien and the Earth Born. The Alien species of Varan come from the planet V; or so the legends state. Legend has it that the Alien Varan species is nearly extinct, on Earth and in the universe. The other species of Varan are born on the planet Earth, a hybrid species that are half dragon and half human. This species is very common even through the dragons went extinct years ago. The start of this species Varan date back into the medieval days when young maidens ran away from their homes to find something else in life. They found the dragons, and accepted them for who they were. Both species of Varan look alike; actually it’s impossible to tell the two species apart, besides the color of their scales. Earth Born has very typical scale color; as the Alien species have a
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 2 2
The V-Dance Ch. 4 by Maxwell-Kyaren The V-Dance Ch. 4 :iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 2 Ch.1 The New Year by Maxwell-Kyaren Ch.1 The New Year :iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 1 2
Ch.24 The Storm Begins
Max placed his hand on the hilt of Nova, the air in the cave felt different than before. They had been waiting there for the last two hours and nothing was happening... But this time...
"Wait for it." Max growled. A sudden explosion was heard from the room next to them, and the sounds of growls and roars filled the cave. Those sounds were soon drowned out by the gunshots. Max nodded, the plan was working...
"Don't count your sheep yet." Colton said, and pointed at the corner. Max's jaw dropped as he witnessed a pack of Dire Wolves sprinting around the corner. Max lifted Nova and ran after them, his blade cutting through their skin like butter. Max stopped as soon as he realized he had been drawn into a trap. Xaran flew out of nowhere and encircled Max, their claws attempting to tear through the armor. Max ducked and thrust Nova into one of the Xaran's thighs. The monster buckled, and dropped to a knee. Max quickly spun around and stabbed the Xaran behind him. The creature let off a hor
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 4
Ch. 23 The Calm Before The Storm
Max looked behind for the third time since he left Memorial Hill. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was being followed.
Get it together Max, of course you have that feeling, it's Zach! Max thought. He adjusted Nova on his hip. He sighed, it was a silly nervous habit he had picked up, but again he couldn't shake a feeling of an ambush. He looked forward; he could see the trees that would lead him into Varidian. He nodded and began walking again; this time at a much more brisk pace. Max suddenly stopped when he saw a lone Hooblah standing a hundred feet in front of him. Max unsheathed Nova slowly and quietly. Once his weapon was completely unsheathed he ran towards the Hooblah and let out a battle cry. Instead of having his weapon slid through the Hooblah's neck, like he expected, his weapon was met with steel.
"Tim!" Max exclaimed.
"And you thought I was your best friend." Tim said a cool glare in his eyes.
"Where did Tim go?" Jessie asked as the group settled down in Va
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Maxwell Kyaren Defense Attorney Novel Intro
The sound of the gavel pounding pierced the murmurs of the spectators. As the court room silenced, the only thing heard was the heavy breathing of the witness.
"Objection!" Prosecutor Al Igator shouted, and crossed his arms, "The defense claims lay on what foundation? None, I say, none!" Once again the court room burst into whispers of the spectators asking if Defense Attorney's always protect the bad guys and blame the innocent. Judge Burkham pounded his gavel again, and the court room silenced again.
"The prosecution provides a valid point, unless the defen-"
"Objection!" Defense Attorney Frank N. Beans shouted, his finger pointed at the witness. "I have a letter written here by the forensic scientist." The bailiff walked towards Defense Attorney Beans, his face could not be seen because his head was tilted low, and his black hood covered his face. Once the bailiff got to Beans, Beans was able to see that the bailiff was wearing a gas mask, the lenses were polished enough so Beans wa
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 3 2
Ch. 22 A Storm Building
The Knights of the Varan finally joined the rest of their army. Max looked into the bowl and saw that the battle wasn't going in their favor. He saw pirates, wolves, and mafia members in the mix.
"Max!" Tasha's voice cried from the left. Max turned to the left and saw her and ran up to her.
"Where's Rap?" Max asked. Tasha looked back at where she came from. Max nodded and sprinted towards there. Once he got through the thick trees he saw Rap lying on his back. He slowly lifted his head and saw Max. Rap let out a weak laugh and lifted his hand. Max ran up to him, and lifted his head.
"Heh, glad you showed up." Rap said in a weak voice.
"You're okay, Rap." Max replied, tears welling up in his eyes. Rap shook his head and let out another weak laugh.
"I'm the one who's dying here; I know I'm not okay." Rap said.
"No, I can promis-"
"Max, who are you trying to fool, me, or yourself?" Rap asked. Max shook his head and looked way. "I know that I won't be able to fight in that final battle-"
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 0 0
Battle Scene! DA Edition
It was a quiet evening; the humid air filled not only outside, but the insides of the houses of the people who didn't turn their AC on in time. A dog barked in the distance causing Jose to lift his head. He sighed and looked back at the computer screen, he had spent the last couple of hours writing this certain scene, but he hadn't gotten anywhere. Each part he added, he soon deleted, and it didn't fit the feeling of the chapter. Jose sighed and stood up, leaving the computer behind and grabbed something to drink from the fridge. When Jose walked back into his living room, expecting to see it the way he had left it. Instead the computer that he was using to write his next chapter was standing in front of him. Literally. The computer had somehow got legs, arms, and even a head. Jose took a step back, looking at his computer. The computer changed again, the legs and arms getting bigger, looking more and more like knights armor, and even the head looked like it had a helmet on. The comput
:iconmaxwell-kyaren:Maxwell-Kyaren 4 18
Welcome to the mouth of the Cave of No Return, trust me, I'm not kidding. If you want to, you can enter, be sure to bring a string and flashlight to find your way back, and if you get lost, just head for Rescue Team Pickles, they will rescue you! Warning: Any items lost, or ideas lost, are held in your responsibility, not mine.

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Getting back to writing. I swear. But decided to update something for it. Tasha is now Lux. Lux also has red hair and almond eyes. Thank you!

- Max K
Getting back to writing. I swear. But decided to update something for it. Tasha is now Lux. Lux also has red hair and almond eyes. Thank you!

- Max K


Maxwell Dean Kyaren
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States
Welcome to my humble abode! If you've come here, I guess you've heard of me... The "Famous Max" (and I'll have to give mad props to those outside the DA-AR-RD team who gets the reference), I am the author of the novel Dark Apocalypse It used to be called TJT Gone Forever but some things "showed" up and I "had" to change literally everything, the good news, it was for the better. Honestly since all the characters are mine, I don't even need to share the money I earn when I publish it, I can kill off everyone and feel no remorse, no longer need to ask the people if their character is doing okay, ect, ect, ect. So with that out of the way, I guess I'll go over some of the very important basics about myself.

:bulletblue: I am spontaneous, some things I saw are random, and usually don't make much sense.
:bulletblue: I tend to go off of some random tangent during conversations
:bulletblue: I can cuss like a sailor.

If one, or any, of the above offend, then I would suggest NOT watching me. If you can tolerate all of the above, come join me as we go through these adventures of the words. Some of my works (I'll tell you if it's done, working on, or not yet started)

Dark Apocalypse (90%)
The Last Wordslinger (Not yet started)
The Hero of Souls (1%)
Red Label (Not yet started)
Time Travelers* (Not yet started)
The Cleaning Squad* (Not yet started)
The Ultimate Thief* (Not yet started)
The Caffine Effect (Not yet started)
The Rings* (Not yet started)
Maxwell Kyaren, Defense Attorney* (1%)
Lorkhart (Not yet started)
* Tentative name

You'll also see occasional ARTZ up here, but not too often anymore. Thank you for dropping by, and have a great stay!

- Maxwell Kyaren

And now for an epic scene:


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Like I said, I'll add more people, but these are really the people who are active towards me, or has helped me. So, if you feel left out, I'll add!

Oh, and one more thing about me... Fav and RUN - stamp by JWiesner


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